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As the winter semester and finals week came to an end, several students at Saint Peter’s University began developing flu like symptoms such as nausea, chills, fever and vomiting. The culprit? Food poisoning—or at least that’s what the student body thought.

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On Thursday, Nov. 8, one professor and two former students hosted “A Year of Protest,” a panel discussion to reflect on the events leading up to the infamous Nixon protest and student strike that took place on the Saint Peter’s campus. Moderated by Dr. Anna Brown, the goal of the presentatio…

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The Office of President Eugene Cornacchia announced the morning of Oct. 12 that the school had received a generous donation of $10 million from real estate mogul and Saint Peter’s College alumnus Joseph Panepinto.

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Leading up to the 2018 Fall Semester, Saint Peter’s University was awarded a grant to create the university’s first Native Plant Garden on campus. The grant, estimated at $1,000, was given by the Society of Biodiversity Preservation to give Saint Peter’s an opportunity to help protect the lo…




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There are many ways to enjoy live music. A concert is a great way for a community of fans to come together to listen to their favorite band or artist perform their favorite songs.

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On Monday, Oct. 15, 2018, in a Boston district court, the Students for Fair Admissions (S.F.F.A.), a nonprofit group, argued that Harvard University uses unfair practices in its admission of college students. S.F.F.A. specifically claim that Harvard is unfair towards Asian-American students …

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Antigone was a Greek character who is often described in tragic terms. She was a young woman who tried to bury her dead brother because she believed she was religiously bound to do so, even though the law forbade her.

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From Michael Jackson's classic "Thriller" to "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic! At The Disco, here are your top to jam to this Halloween.