For artists, it is a great pleasure to have an exhibition showcasing their hard work. After creating a piece that they feel proud of, many artists want to share it with others. Many hope to establish a connection with an audience through their artwork.

Hector Andujar, Brigitte Arroyo, Aaliyah Closs, Shelly Cruz, Pabel De Jesus, Jessica Dominguez, Leonardo Flores, Samantha Frisco, Christian Guzhnay, Kimberly Jaramillo, Celina Marzullo, Kevin Rojas, Melissa Romeo, and Angelica Vasquez can now have that experience, as some of their art work is on display in deans Scott Stoddart and Nicole Houser’s office.

Recently, the first-ever student art exhibit was presented in the Dean of Arts and Sciences office located on the first floor of McDermott Hall. This event, which will become an annual event, showcases the artwork of graphic and fine arts students.

The idea for the exhibit was executed because of the deans’ love of art.

“Art is an interest of mine. I’m usually within the artist community,” said Houser. “I use to go to all the students’ exhibitions and I got to see how much it meant to them.”

At a previous school, Dean Houser used to enjoy seeing her students’ artwork in exhibitions. However, at Saint Peter’s, she noticed that on campus there isn’t an official place where art students can display their work besides the Fine Arts Gallery in the Student Center and the display case in Rankin Hall.

“I noticed that the students here didn’t really have that opportunity,” said Houser. “I thought that the more space that could be open for them to share around campus, the better.”

Houser wanted to help create a space where student art could be celebrated and acknowledged. As a dean of the Arts and Sciences program, she was eager to work alongside with professor Beatrice Mady from the Fine Arts Department in establishing the dean’s office into an art exhibit.

“This is a great venue. Everyone comes to the dean's office for good reasons and bad reasons,” said Mady. “This is a great location on campus to come in and take a look at the art work.”

Professor Mady wants this exhibition to provide recognition to her students’ artwork. She believes that this is the perfect location for students to showcase their work and get feedback that can help improve them as artists.

Graphic arts student Bridget Arroyo explained how, as an art student, she has to spend a lot of money on supplies she uses to create her artwork.

She said the acknowledgement she received at the art exhibit, where two of her pieces were featured, helps repay for her hard work and money spent.

She also said she appreciates the opportunity that professor Mady and the deans have given her and the other art students to expose their works to the Saint Peter’s community.

“For art students, most of it is just based on someone's opinion,” said Arroyo. “To see their work displayed makes them feel proud about it and gives them an encouragement to do more of it and some day put more work out there.”

Some art students feel the art department doesn’t get a lot of recognition so for graphic design major Jessica Dominguez, having her artwork be one of the first pieces you see when you pass by the dean’s office is exhilarating.

Her piece, which was created in a digital imaging photoshop class, is suppose to remind people to feel good about themselves and “let your beauty shine through.”

“I’m really happy that it is displayed here especially since when you first walk in, it’s the first piece that you see,” said Dominguez. “I mean everyone else has great pieces and we all submitted great work, but to just see it when you walk by real quick, it’s really heartwarming so I’m very proud.”

Expressing one’s self is part of art. Dean Houser and the Fine Arts Department want their students to be able to have a public space where they can share their pieces to the world. The art exhibition in the dean’s office is a way that the art department can help bring the art student’s work out of Rankin Hall and onto a new Saint Peter’s audience.

“I think it is a good way to make sure that the school knows that we are here, that we are important and that we are not all just in Rankin but that we can put our art work out.” said Dominguez.

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