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Two months ago, another school year has already gone underway here at Saint Peter’s. Many people could still be having some summer nostalgia. However, autumn could be equally as fun as summer. In honor of “spooky season,” to celebrate, SEB has planned the annual Scarefest. It is a week-long event that will feature several Halloween themed activities. In fact, SEB’s Scarefest dates back way when Saint Peter’s University was still Saint Peter’s College. So, Scarefest can be considered a traditional event here for us Peacocks. Within SEB, there is a Scarefest committee that organizes these particular activities. There are involved with the advertising part of Scarefest and also what exactly will go down in these events such as games, food and drinks. Other SEB members do also have a say in what should be planned as well. Despite their different role in the board, they still work as a team to make events successful.

The beginning of Scarefest will be Friday, October 25. There will be a trip to Brighton Asylum in Passaic, NJ to mark the first day. This particular attraction is known to be the scariest place to visit in NJ. Tickets will be starting at $15. You can also bring along one outside guest with a ticket starting at $25. For the start of the following week, Monday, October 28, SEB is introducing a new interactive event, Silent Library.

“This is based off an old MTV show under the same name where groups would compete and complete bizarre challenges but with the catch of being silent. If the group was loud by either laughing or making noises, they would automatically be eliminated. Which means they have to work together to win and make it ‘til the end,” said SEB President Adjeilyne Akrong. On Tuesday, October 29, a Halloween movie night will be hosted in Pope Lecture Hall which will show the screening of “Ma”, a horror film from this year.

“It is going to be a chill event that students will appreciate after a long stressful day in class,” said Kiara Suero, Vice President of SEB.

Due to popular demand, two events are back once again for Scarefest week. On Wednesday, October 30, SEB will host the Pumpkin Patch as well as the Halloween Party on October 31 to mark the end of the Scarefest. The Pumpkin Patch will include pumpkins set all around the lawn for students to grab, a pumpkin decorating center and a place to grab some sweets. It will give the students a feel of being on a pumpkin farm.

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“This event is genuinely loved among all the students here, especially the resident students. Since they are in fact away from home, the pumpkin patch gives them a sense of relief from being homesick. The pumpkin patch is on campus which doesn’t make students have to leave and go far away to get in on the fun,” said Suero.

“I myself am a resident student and saw how many students bought back pumpkins to their dorms,” said Akrong.

The annual Halloween Party will include a costume contest with prizes and other giveaways. SEB is also in talks to add a potential photo booth for students to enjoy.

“Students here at SPU do get in the Halloween spirit by coming all dressed up to the annual party. They really do appreciate what do for Scarefest,” says Toyibat Osho, Treasurer of SEB.

This year, SEB will also be introducing surveys following Scarefest events to know students’ insight on it all thanks to the new SEB leadership.

“Here at SPU, students are pretty vocal about how they feel so we could use their help,” said Sandy Dalzulme, Chair of Special Events.

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