As the scorching summer heat begins to cool down and class begins for students, Jersey City is gearing up for its fall season of local events. Start your fall season off right with a few of our favorites!

Golden Door International Film Festival

After being named one of Movie Maker Magazine’s 50 Festivals worth seeing in 2018, Golden Door International Film Festival (G.D.I.F.F) is back for its 4th consecutive year. From Sept. 20-23, Jersey City will celebrate its appreciation for local and international talent through film.

This year, G.D.I.F.F will have three separate blocks showcasing student talent around the state. Saint Peter’s Pope Lecture Hall and Roy Irving Theatre will be locations for screening films, including all three student blocks. Executive Director of G.D.I.F.F Michele Sorvino commented on Saint Peter’s role in the festival.

“We are most excited about hosting the student film block at Saint Peter’s to show the rising students the beautiful university and great community events they hold.”

There will also be two different blocks with an emphasis on G.D.I.F.F’s main mission: Autism Awareness. They will be supporting through film as well as events throughout the year promoting awareness on the issue. With more than 200 films being shown at seven different locations throughout the city, Golden Door is a must attend for the fall season.

Weekend passes and scheduling can be found at

Jersey City Art & Studio Tour

Whether you’re in Journal Square, The Heights or Historic Downtown, residents of Jersey City have been working to express their artistic side through their hometown. Moving into its 28th consecutive year, the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (J.C.A.S.T) encompasses all things art and culture in Jersey City. J.C.A.S.T shows off the true beauty of the city through various galleries, performances and other exhibits. Tours will be curated during the event to give spectators a chance to see as much as they possibly can. The four day event will feature works from 151 different artists and groups collaborating together to bring Jersey City to life. From Oct. 4-7, J.C.A.S.T will surely bring out the art lover in everyone.

For more information on tours and events, check out

Jersey City Fashion Week

Since 2012, Jersey City has given a chance for talented designers a chance to express themselves to a more local audience. Founder and Coordinator Desha Jackson wanted to give local designers an outlet to express themselves and their ideas through their own fashion.

“We saw that Hoboken had a fashion week and people asked ‘Why not Jersey City?’” she commented.

Jersey City Fashion Week (J.C.F.W) is back and better than ever for this fall, with the theme being “Rebels On the Runway.” J.C.F.W’s designers will be given an opportunity to bring out a different side of them through their art.

“We usually tried to coincide our theme with what might be going on in fashion or in the country,” she said. “We thought this idea was really cool, we told our designers to show us their rebellious side!”

With J.C.F.W being a non-profit organization, all proceeds plan to be donated to the local Salvation Army. From Sept. 20-22, J.C.F.W offers a great start to the fall season.

Information on ticketing and scheduling for J.C.F.W. can be found at

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