Commonly known by his adopted name from the Romans, but originally known to the Greeks as Eros, Cupid is known for being the God of Love, shooting golden arrows that strike desire and leaden arrows that cause disgust. Although viewed as a romantic icon, Cupid’s main goal was to toy with the emotions of mortals and gods. 


Known as the Goddess of beauty, lust and fertility. Aphrodite was known for wreaking havoc amongst mortals and gods who desired her. She was also known for owning a belt that contained power to make anyone fall in love with the person possessing the belt. 


Referred to as Goddess of the Soul, as well as being married to (Cupid), she was recognized for being a mortal princess with immense beauty, which caused Cupid to fall for her. Even Aphrodite herself became envious of Psykhe, as both mortals and gods were drawn to her looks.      


Was known as an outstanding musician and poet. He became filled with grief once learning of his wife Eurydice had died of a snakebite. He decided to search for her soul and made a deal with Hades in the Underworld, as a means of bringing her back to life. However, he failed to hold his end of the deal with Hades when he agreed in not turning back, having his wife disappear as soon as he took a glance back at her on their way to the mortal world. 


Known for being the God of the Weddings, more specifically, as the god of the wedding hymn that is sung to escort the bride to the groom’s home in ancient times. Between the gods, it is said that Hymenaios is present in all weddings and if not, the fate of the marriage is considered as doomed. 

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