At The Pauw Wow, it goes without saying that copious amounts of time, effort and money go into the bi-weekly issues that we produce. Our writers are trained to report on issues that students care about, while always remaining fair to both sides of every story. Many articles do not run until each perspective is thoroughly reported.

Aside from that, our reporting matters to each and every one of you as students paying to attend this university. When your concerns are brought to our attention, we do our best to report on it and to investigate -- not for our personal gain, but because the students, faculty, administration and alumni of this university have a right to know what’s happening inside the university. This is why our Founding Fathers included the freedom of the press among the several protections of the First Amendment -- because they recognized the importance of criticizing, questioning and holding those in power to account.

When we see entire stacks of our issues removed from our distribution stands during alumni events, or when we see other flyers placed on top of our issues, it’s disheartening to say the least. We do not work for the school, but we represent everyone inside it.

When our university’s cabinet makes an announcement that disappoints a majority of the student population, we make sure all opinions and voices are heard. When first-year residents are removed from their residence hall due to mold and are given little to no information, we are the ones who seek the truth and report it. And when the next big story makes waves on campus, we will be the first ones there so that you won’t be left in the dark.

We believe your voices matter. Please respect our news stands.


Alexandra Antonucci,


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