Have you ever wanted to travel and experience different cultures? Possibly go all around the world without breaking the bank?

Well, Saint Peter’s might be able to help you with that.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is presenting the winter semi-formal on Nov. 29. From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. students will be able to enjoy international music, a photobooth, buffet-style food and cocktail hour. There will also be a raffle for each class where students will be able to enter to win a raffle basket.

This year’s semi-formal will be at the La Reggia Restaurant and Banquets in Secaucus. Although students can carpool or ride on their own, transportation from the school and back will be provided.

To celebrate the different cultures represented at the university, SGA decided to make this year’s theme, “Adventure Awaits.”

“I want to give students a chance to represent their culture, represent their people however they want to,” said Gabriella Ambroise, SGA chief activities officer.

At the event, SGA is providing pins and a map where students will be able to pinpoint where they are from. Ambroise believes that this event is the perfect time for students to meet new people, bond with old friends and celebrate Saint Peter’s diversity.

“I think semi-formal has a chance for everybody to come back together and have a good time. Have a break from being on campus and doing things on campus all the time and getting a chance to just go to a new place, dress nice and have a good time with your friends,” said Ambroise.

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