Books are being stored neatly into the back of your least favorite shelves. You’ve just reorganized your drawers so that your new bathing suits are on top and it seems almost as if the ocean has rolled in a brand new set of waves just in time to compete with the blazing sun.

Every year, as class comes to an end, plans invade our mind: Where will we go? What will we do? Will we travel?

Some may plan a trip to Italy with friends or maybe traveling isn’t it and hanging with friends is where it’s at.

Summer is all about that break where you can sleep in and stay in your pajamas all day, but it can also be the time for you to do things, such as traveling. What’s a better opportunity than the long vacation we get?

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why I’m sharing these. Over the summer I decided to take my Pauw Wow photo skills and entertainment buzz over to the place where the magic happens, often known as the city of dreams -- Los Angeles, California.

This trip originally began in the workings when Harry Styles, former One Direction member, went on his debut “Harry Styles Live on Tour” and I along with a couple of friends decided to travel across the country in order to go see Harry at his two Final Shows in California.

I know what you’re thinking, “what a complete loon,” which I will not disagree with, but here’s the catch. With the excuse of going to see Harry’s final shows, my friends and I took the opportunity to plan the girls’ trip of a lifetime.

Hitting beaches like Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu were a complete dream.

The water is this clear blue and the waves are nothing like the ones you’d find on our coast -- definitely surfer waves. The sand is everywhere, but you don’t mind it because the mountains coveting Malibu with the bright orange, pink and yellow sunset is peeking right in front of you.

Laila my friend pointed out the appearance of a planet by the moon that almost looked like a star.

“Look guys it’s Venus,” she said. “Right by the moon. She’s making an appearance.” looking closely into our pictures we see the planet there she is.

The waves are rustling and it’s almost as if they could feel the presence of Venus hovering above, closer than usual.

Cruising down highway “Route 101” with the windows down, settling tans and the nicest Uber possible, all advice given from the locals, made for a once-in-a lifetime memory.

Don’t think that I’ve forgotten Harry Styles. Two nights in a row for a total of nine hours 23 minutes and approximately 15 seconds, I’ve lived -- as today’s generation would say -- “my best life.”

“Yes I traveled across the Country for Harry Styles,” said Skyler Seguinot, my friend and sophomore at Saint Peter’s University. “Yes my pocket still hurts.”

Oh, the things we are willing to do for our favorite celebrity.

However, in the end, I do say California was way better than sitting at home binge-watching a new Netflix series, nothing says independent like flying across the country and living off of take out for a week.

Don’t be afraid to take initiative and travel wherever you want to go. Even if it is to follow your favorite celebrity on tour or travel to Alaska and live out your Eskimo dream. It’s all up to you and what you make of your summer adventures.

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