After seeing the girl of his dreams was a staff member for the schools newspaper The Pauw Wow back in the late 80’s, Matthew A. Powell decided to join in an effort to impress her. Little did he know that getting involved on campus would lead him to find true love.

As they worked on the school’s newspaper together, a relationship blossomed. Now, over 30 years later, Matthew Powell and Catherine Sasso are married with three children.

“At the end of the day, despite his sarcasm, he was a really sweet guy,” said his wife.

Catherine was the Advertising and Marketing Editor of The Pauw Wow and encouraged Powell to join the team as the Photography Editor. After some time, their advisor Professor Surrey, encouraged Powell to take on the role of Editor in Chief.

Powell feels that joining The Pauw Wow during his time in college was what led him to not only enhance and learn new skills, but also open the door to him finding his future wife.

“Your involvement in college is all depicted on what you do, not just in the classroom but with everything you do on campus whether it be the newspaper, the clubs, the sports,” said Powell.

As Editor in Chief, Powell was able to attend a newspaper convention in New Orleans and was exposed to a lot of opportunities. He, alongside his staff, were also able to make enough profit to purchase new computers for the office in the early 1990s.

Powell graduated in May of 1991, with a Bachelors in Business and Marketing. He was a Cross Keys recipient and was awarded The Pauw Wow Journalism medal.

Today, Powell feels like getting involved with The Pauw Wow helped him develop skills needed for the real world. Though he says he was not much of a writer, he was able to gain leadership skills and learned how to put things together.

After graduation, Powell completed his graduate studies with Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. He later married his Pauw Wow sweetheart and the two just celebrated 26 years of marriage.

Catherine admitted that she always knew her husband only joined The Pauw Wow in an effort to date her.

The couple, and their three children, Matthew Jr., Caterina, and Xavier Thomas, just celebrated their husband and father’s 50th birthday. Their daughter, Caterina, is now a junior at Saint Peter’s.

“We’re passing on the family torch, if you will,” said Powell.

Powell said it was rewarding to take part in developing and building a newspaper that today is enjoyed by many. He encourages students to get involved on campus and make the most out of their college experience.

“If I didn’t get involved in the Pauw Wow, I probably would have never met my wife,” said Powell. “I wouldn’t have met some great friends.”

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