A year ago, Dimitri Mzhavia decided to pack his bags and migrate from a small country in eastern Europe to the United States. Hoping to start a business and learn a new language, Mzhavia moved to Hudson County where he opened One Spot for All.

One Spot for All is a cafe located on Montgomery Street in Jersey City next to McGinley Square Pub. The cafe sells pastries, juices, teas and sandwiches, which are all organic. But that’s not the best part.

Everything on the menu is just $1. Yes, that means you can get a 16oz. drink, a sandwich and a mini pie all for just $3.

Mzhavia who received a bachelor degree in hospitality management and studied economics, knows a thing or two about owning a business. He wanted to open a simple, yet cozy place where people could stop by and get a coffee or pastry.

Besides opening yet another regular cafe in Jersey City, Mzhavia wanted to open a place where people could enjoy a meal without emptying out their pocket. He didn’t believe that people should be charged a lot for a simple meal.

“It’s not fair how much food establishments charge for food,” said Mzhavia.

Mzhavia knows how to buy and sell products, which is why he decided to sell everything for a dollar. He realized that he could sell food that people could afford but also keep the business running. He wanted his customers to be able to enjoy food even if they were limited on money.

In Georgia, he managed a company that fed Georgian armies and prisoners. On average, he would feed about 1,600 people three times a day.

Feeding a large group of people makes a person aware of what they are feeding others. Mzhavia learned how important food intake is, which is why he wanted to sell products that were mostly organic.

For the first couple of months, Mzhavia has been playing around with the menu trying to create a list of products that customers want but won’t harm their bodies.

Although the menu has changed since he opened up in late July, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the value that he has for his customers.

“I want my employees to know someone who comes in three or four times a week and know their order,” said Mzhavia.

He believes that his customers should feel happy and comfortable when visiting One Spot for All. Mzhavia wants more people to discover the little cafe because he enjoys serving people and interacting with them

Mzhavia is also interested in bringing art to his cafe. Currently, he has artwork by Nathan Taylor hanging near the entrance of the cafe. Every month he wants to find a new artist and rotate pieces to help local artists find a place to display their works. The month’s winner will be chosen by Gillian Miranda, a biology major at Saint Peter’s University and part-time worker at One Spot for All.

Although he just started running his small cafe, Mzhavia is already dreaming big. He hopes to one day be able to open up more locations and own a venue where he can make Georgian pastries.

Mzhavia wishes to bring a bit of Georgian culture to Jersey City. But for now, he is finding a home in Hudson County where he is learning how to speak Spanish and interacting with the locals.

“I like doing this...You meet a lot of people here and it’s interesting,” said Mzhavia. “It’s a new experience and this is why I came here... I don’t regret at all that I’m here.”

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