As the spooky holiday is quickly approaching, the Student Entertainment Board (SEB) hosted a number of autumn events to encourage more Halloween spirit on campus.

“This year I am excited because we had a full week of activities,” said Kevin Colon, president of the SEB.

The Board hosted various events such as a Halloween game night in Pete’s Place, pumpkin picking at the student center, a trip to Eastern State Penitentiary and an annual Halloween party.

With all of these events planned, the Halloween spirit is sure to come alive and well on campus here at Saint Peter’s University on the 31st. However, when a few students were asked if they had any of this Halloween spirit, they were not hesitant to confess they had none.

“No. I do not—not any at all. Zero,” said junior Rabeeh Rashid.

When asked whether or not he would dress up in a costume for Halloween, junior Yusuf Edris said, “No, I never really dressed up for Halloween.”

Last Halloween, many students did not bother to dress up during school hours on campus. Aside from one person in a huge dinosaur costume, it was as if it was a normal day in school.

“I know some people dress up, but now that I think about it, not really many people do,” said Rashid.

Dressing up in costumes has been a tradition for many people on Halloween. As children, it is expected that they choose cool costumes to wear to school. However, somewhere along the line, it seems that they just stop caring about the holiday in general.

“It is pointless. It is fun for kids to dress up but the cut off point for me would probably be like the end of middle school,” said Rashid. “You just grow out of it, you know?”

Colon recognizes that students have not shown interest in dressing up or showing the Halloween spirit in past years.

“This is what we’re trying to enhance—an overall student participation,” said Colon. “If it means bringing out the Halloween spirit in students then that is what we are going to do.”

For many people, Halloween is a day where you can pretend to be someone else and eat as much candy as you please. In college, students do not really have the same outlook on the holiday, but with SEB’s events, maybe the spirit of Halloween will travel across the campus.

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