Summer break is still a few weeks away but students are already anxious to be done with this spring semester.

There are only a few weeks until finals week here at SPU -- how is everyone feeling? Perhaps a little less motivated than you were in the beginning of the semester. Maybe academics and that work study job are drowning you and you feel you have no life raft. Trust us, you are not alone.

The temperature is rising (finally,) midterms have concluded and Easter break is this week. But then what? How are students expected to make it over this month-long hump day before summer break? It can be difficult to complete any task or even stay on task when you have something to look forward to. In fact, according to some students, they’re more motivated in the beginning of semester than at the end.

“I was extremely motivated when the semester started because it was a fresh start,” said freshman Fatima Camara. “But now I am extremely tired and feel like the semester is dragging on.”

Camara, who’s an honors student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Africana Studies, also has an on campus job. It can be difficult to stay motivated when you’re constantly working hard on your studies or at a job.

“I have not been very motivated but since I commute, I make sure I go to every class since I’m already traveling all the way over here,” added Camara. “Me having a work study job also helps with this.

Camara was not the only student to express how different she felt from the beginning of the semester to currently. Sophomore Cara Laguerre also had similar feelings, but understands that students can’t give up just yet.

“I have felt less motivated going into the spring semester. I think its because the fall semester was so stressful, all my energy was drained and I’m just trying hard not to have a mental breakdown,” said Laguerre.

While the fall semester can be exciting for most because it is a fresh start, the spring semester does not not have quite the same vibe.She reminds herself that her GPA cannot suffer, but soon the semester will be over and she can relax.

Lack of motivation is not the only thing that comes with the spring semester. But somehow classes seem to be less full.

“There are a couple of students that have been consistently absent,” Criminal Justice Professor Theresa Andrews said. “But most of the students are attending classes.”

Laguerre and Camara have also noticed less people in their classes and think it has to do with the nice weather and lack of motivation.

But Andrews said some of her students have become more interested since their mid-semester grades have been posted and they’re realizing their grades are important.

Junior Juliet San commented on both how she stays motivated in the final weeks of the spring semester and also how she feels about getting up and going to classes.

Sometimes it can be a “drag” to get to classes, according to San, but she thinks there is some type of motivation a student can have.

“Time organization!” San said. “I feel like when you’re organized your life literally goes by so much easier. If you don’t have your day planned out I can almost promise you that your day won’t be as easy as it could.”

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