Soled Out carries rare brands such as Bape and Supreme. Courtesy of soledoutjc on Instagram.


If you’re familiar with Jersey City’s millennial culture, then you should know that fashion is very essential, and, with every good outfit, there is a good pair of sneakers that goes along with it.

For all the sneakerheads out there, save your trip to Flight Club and check out these other local sneaker stores that might be your next go-to spot for new releases.

Soled Out is a sneaker consignment boutique that specializes in rare and collectible brand names such as Bape and Supreme. The store also carries popular footwear such as Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas. Soled out also accepts trades and other offers on the spot. The store is located within Journal Square on 633 Newark Avenue.

Magic Sneakers is an urban store that consists of various brand-name sneakers as well as trendy casual clothing. Magic Sneakers always has the latest Jordan releases and are sold at a reasonable price. Aside from Jordans, they also have a good variety of sneaker selections. This store can be located on 2831 John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Heir’s Inc. was originally established in 1918 and has been a reliable spot for local sneakerheads since then. Most customers usually go to this store for the latest Jordan releases because it is a small store, but not many people know about it. Heir’s Inc. can be found on 525 Westside Avenue.

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