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Image by Diana Paredes.

February 14 is coming up fast. Anyone who has that special someone wants to get the perfect gift: Whether it is a Tiffany necklace or maybe a whole date night in New York City.

The only problem some may run into is maxing out their credit cards or breaking the bank just for one day.

Cheap Love

Graphic by Diana Paredes.

There are, however, many gift options that can be as sentimental and surprising without spending your whole paycheck. These gifts might even be a bigger hit than the stereotypical flowers and chocolate.

The best part is there is no need to be a Pinterest guru or having the world’s best craft skills for any of these options. Here are just a few options you can use.

Open when cards:

Valentine's Day Cards

Photo by Tierney Hartnett.

This one is pretty simple. The basic supplies you will need are paper, pen, and envelopes.

You would write a separate letter for different points and emotions your significant other may feel, like when they are sad, happy, bored, etc. You can even add little gifts like some of their favorite snacks for when they are hungry, or tissues for a sad day. These do not even have to be set for specific emotions. You could set the letters to be open on a specific date, like a six month anniversary or a birthday.

Date In a Box:

Should you and your date prefer to spend the day at home, this could give the day a bit more pizazz.

Movie dates and dinner tend to be the most popular. You could put together a box of your favorite junk foods/snacks and a movie or two that you both have been dying to see. Netflix could also be a big help with this one.

For a dinner box you could add the ingredients for your favorite meal that you two could make together. This is a pretty fun way to put your cooking skills to the test and maybe get flour everywhere. This would be perfect for those surprise Valentine’s Day snowstorm.

A Year of Dates:

Special dates do not have to just be for Valentine’s Day or monumental anniversaries. You could make a box with twelve different date ideas for the year, It can be filled with movie tickets, promise for a picnic, or a dinner idea. Each date is set for a certain month during the year.

Things I Love About You:

If you want to give that special someone a reminder why you love them this gift would be perfect. All you need is a simple deck of cards and a sharpie.

You can write down why you love them, the things you love that they do, or even a few favorite memories.

Memory Shadow Box:

If you have a favorite memory or things that remind you of those memories, a memory box could be the best option. This is simpler than putting together a whole memory book. It can also be hung-up for all to see the memory.

You will need a shadow box (you can get this from Amazon or any craft store) things from your favorite memory, and some glue. Just glue glue the items from the memory or memories to the back of the box.

Make sure to seal the box is sealed tightly so nothing accidentally falls out. Once the box is done you and your partner will have this to look back on a great memory you two had together.

If all else, fails a good old fashion coupon book will never go out of style.

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