Walking into Enrollment Services, the dangling spider webs, paper Frankenstein's, fake bats and caution tape lining the walls bring out an eerie but exciting feeling. It’s finally Halloween season, a holiday that many have been saving their best costumes and expensive face paint for. While Enrollment Services may seem prepared for this festive fall holiday, a quick walk around the rest of the campus would assume otherwise.

Besides the fall foliage creeping into full effect, Saint Peter’s University seems to be neglecting the tradition of decoration. With the campus barren of holiday spirit, students are also feeling reluctant about celebrating and dressing up this year.

“To me I feel like it is just too much out of the way to dress up,” sophomore Shawn Borkowski said. “Dressing up on Halloween can be troublesome cause for me and people who need to commute to school will need to wake up extra early for classes to get dressed up.”

Some students also feel that Halloween is just a neglected holiday on campus.

“From the past three years that I remember, Halloween has been the least memorable festivity,” said senior commuter Matthew Skircak. “Halloween obviously isn’t for everyone, but I feel like the desire to put on a costume has been driven down because people don’t feel inclined to do so.”

While there may be less inclination for commuter students to be involved, Resident Assistants (R.A.) are making sure that residents find a way to enjoy Halloween on campus.

“As far as I know Resident Life as a department isn’t planning anything specifically,” said Resident Assistant Ryan Campen, “but the R.As and Residence Halls Association usually plan things that are Halloween themed.

Campen and other Resident Assistants have been hosting events for students in the past and plan to continue this year.

“Last year I did a Halloween door decorating contest in Saint Peter Hall,” Campen explained. “This year my co-R.A. Andie, Veronica and I are doing a ‘S’mores and tell’ which is essentially scary story telling with s’mores.”

Clubs at Saint Peter’s are also hosting Halloween-themed events for students to attend this year.

“Students for Peace and Justice will host a celebration of Halloween in the Social Justice House on Monday, October 29th at 5 P.M.,” junior and Students for Peace and Justice member Dominick Mastrodonato said.

Students at Saint Peter’s feel that there’s less involvement on campus that would potentially inspire them to want to partake in the holiday more.

“I think if the school wants to get people involved with dressing up on campus then they should hold a contest or fashion show to show off the costumes,” Borkowski commented.

They also think that utilizing some of the many ways the school communicates with its students would be an effective way of creating interest.

“I think if Saint Peter’s just sent out emails to remind its students of any given festivity, then it could go along way,” Skircak explained. “On top of that, there are no decorations presented on campus to remind students of Halloween.”

The students, because of the campus’ lack of encouragement in the holiday, do not feel inclined to dress up or for the day.

“Based on my friends, I think one person is going to dress up, but I am not sure because no one has even talked about it,” Skircak commented.

“I am not dressing up and nobody I know plans to dress up at school this year,” Borkowski said.

While some students are planning events to have people encouraged in Halloween, others still feel less inclined to get involved with any campus festivities.

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