Sophomore Jasmine Rocas works as she juggles her classes as a chemistry major and secondary education minor. Keeping up with her studies is extremely important to her but so is her family and the need to help pay the bills.

Approximately 71 percent of all college students are employed while completing their undergraduate education, according to a 2016 Brigham Young University study.

But is it a good idea to work while in school?

The study concluded that jobs typically begin to negatively affect a student’s academic work when the number of hours worked per week exceeds 20 hours.

Career coach Taina Cutle from the Center for Career Engagement and Experiential Learning stated that a part-time job could be a good idea for students to stay organized and accountable.

“Part-time jobs are a great way for students to enhance their professional skills while enrolled full-time at college. However, time management and balancing responsibilities are skills that need to be developed,” Cutler said.

Although, Saint Peter’s students, such as Rocas, feel that the time lost while working have had a negative impact on school work.

“It affects my grades badly. I know I could be getting A’s,” Rocas said.

The Brigham Young University study claims that working more 20 hours a week off campus offers a higher likelihood that students will drop out of school before receiving a degree. However, sometimes working is a must for students.

“I pay my rent, and other bills aside from that,” Rocas said.

For Rocas, she does not have a choice on whether or not to work. She is a financial supporter for her family and needs the money.

Although working a large number of hours can be detrimental to students’ academic success, part-time (specifically on campus) jobs can be very beneficial in many ways, according to the study.

Working a moderate number of hours often correlates with higher GPAs. These jobs help students be more effective and organized and provide important skills.

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