With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, couples everywhere are finalizing their dinner reservations and express ordering last-minute gifts on Amazon.

But Valentine’s Day has earned a reputation of being a holiday for lovers only. But single people around the world have joined the ranks and put their own spin on V-Day.

Junior Breanna Coates is one of those people. The biology major feels that the holiday is overrated.

“After the holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, it’s like, boom! January hits and all you see is teddy bears and roses and chocolates and getting everybody prepared for Valentine’s Day,” she said. “I feel like love should be expressed every day when you really love and care about somebody.”

She isn’t the only one who feels this way.

Celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Lauren Conrad and Ashton Kutcher have all reported sharing similar sentiments.

In an interview with The Pauw Wow, Coates also said that she celebrates with her best friend and roommate, Chevoyne Greene.

“This is something we’ve been doing since freshman year, so on Valentine’s Day we get all dressed up -- do our makeup, hair, all that -- and we just go out to eat and celebrate it as it is, just a regular day,” she said.

This spin on ‘Galentine’s Day’ is a nod to character Leslie Knope, who coined the holiday in the second season of “Parks and Recreation.”

In the episode titled -- you guessed it -- ‘Galentine’s Day’ -- Knope gathers her friends on Feb. 13 for brunch to celebrate their femininity and thus, a new holiday was added to every woman’s calendars.

While she says that she chooses to be single, Coates says that social media definitely makes the month of February feel more lonely.

“Seeing couples on the ‘Explore’ page and seeing ‘relationship goals’ and then you see teddy bears and chocolate and you see all these happy couples and you’re just like ‘wow, why couldn’t that be me,’” she said. “Everyone wants that one person.”

According to a 2018 study done by the University of Pennsylvania, using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can negatively affect your mental wellbeing and increase feelings of depression and isolation.

Although Coates admits that it gets lonely from time to time, she enjoys the feeling of independence that she gets from being single.

“Me, personally, being single has helped me grow as a person. The feeling of growth feels amazing,” she said. “But you still have that excitement of meeting someone great. To me, that’s thrilling.”

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