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The annual Saint Peter’s University Involvement Fair was held remotely on Thursday, September 10th from noon to 1:00 p.m. 

It was the first completely online Involvement Fair and although there were some technical difficulties, for the most part, it ran smoothly. 

"Although the camera would freeze and participants would get kicked out [of the panel], I liked that I could interact with students as if we were in person," said Daniella Blanco, a sophomore.

More than 200 students attended and there were more than 30 organizations for students to join.

The event began with a welcome session hosted by Jan Reimer, the Director for Leadership and Engagement, and Arlene Ganess, Coordinator of the Involvement Fair Committee. Reimer welcomed students to the event, and then, handed it over to Ganess for the remainder of the presentation. 

Ganess then presented a short compilation of student submitted videos for all of the student organizations with some brief information about them. 

Before students were able to interact with the individual organizations, a student panel of three joined Ganess on video to encourage students to get involved and provide advice for newcomers. 

Afterwards, the students were prompted to head to the “Expo” section of the website that hosted separate meetings in which students could interact with student organizations separately.

Leaders from each organization joined on camera to give information about their organization, their events and recruit potential members. 

Most of the clubs and organizations encouraged students to join by clicking on their "Join Clubs Here!" link which opened up a separate window to the Saint Peter’s Peacock Connect website. This website allows students to easily sign up for the organizations and informs them of future events, activities and meetings. 

Throughout the event there was an active chat where students could communicate with each other, the event organizers and the leaders of the organizations. There was also a chat in each individual organization expo where students could communicate with the leaders of the organization and with other students.

During the expo, students could also ask the leaders to allow them to connect with audio and video. Many leaders allowed students to use this feature for a better interaction.

"I was able [to use my audio and video] to join and speak with Adrista and Mariah from the Accounting Society. It was a helpful feature because it allowed me to have some type of interaction with the student leaders," said Cinthya Munoz-Tepan, a senior double majoring in Marketing and Finance.

Although this wasn’t the typical Involvement Fair, student leaders were able to use this as an opportunity to interact with their members in new ways, and continue to get students involved

"The virtual involvement fair was a great way for both organizations and students looking to join because it still allowed the organizations to showcase themselves, attracting potential members," said Nikia Capers, senior and President of F.A.M.E.

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