Following years of remaining nameless, the School of Business will be named after Congressman Frank J. Guarini for his $10 million donation to the university. The announcement was finally revealed on Wednesday at noon in the quad.


The School of Business will be named after Congressman Frank J. Guarini, following his $10 million donation to the university (Photo by Patrick Cucurullo)

“We aspire to create for our students a paradigm for modern business education that is focused on collaborative learning environments, academic innovation, thought leadership and meaningful connectivity with the world that surrounds us,” said Eugene Cornacchia, Ph.D.

Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D, Dean of newly-renamed School of Business, attended the event and described her leadership as a “tremendous honor.”

“The first priority for anything we do here at Saint Peter’s is our students,” she said. “We commit to ensuring that graduates of the Frank J. Guarini School of Business will be prepared as ethical business leaders with the knowledge and skill sets for prominent careers in a variety of industries -- poised to impact the business world that is increasingly interdisciplinary and armed with a strong moral compass, committed to making a positive difference in their chosen professions and communities.”

According to Naatus, the donation will be going towards a student investment fund, new lecture series, updating connections with the school’s institutes -- such as the Ignite Institute and the Center for Leadership Studies -- and more support for internships. The donation will also be funding a global fellowship fund for students to become “global citizens.”


The global fellowship fund is also named in Guarini’s honor.

Guarini delivered remarks towards the end of the ceremony, expressing his pleasure to be apart of another historical moment for the university.

“Your university is very distinguished and one that I’m very proud of,” said Guarini as he addressed the crowd. “My life’s commitment is about supporting education, which is essential to the future of our nation. It is key to our growth, a better world and life for everyone.”

At the end, Guarini was presented with the Petrean Medal, an award only given to 24 individuals since its establishment in 1962.

The event concluded with lunch served in the quad.

All photos taken by Patrick Cucurullo.

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