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A new semester has begun, and Saint Peter’s University students are logging onto class via Zoom and Google Meet. Although classes remain remote, Saint Peter’s residence halls are still allowing students to live on campus. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all residents have to display a negative test prior to moving in.

Residents who are coming to campus from specific states or out of the country are also required to quarantine for 10 days in the 140 Glenwood Avenue residence or off-campus within the State of New Jersey. 

Angeleyshka Mary Curbelo, a junior, traveled to the United States from Puerto Rico.

"I was nervous and scared at first, because I was flying back to New Jersey from Puerto Rico all by myself, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived here," Curbelo said. 

Curbelo decided to quarantine off-campus in an Airbnb, along with three of her soccer friends, instead of on campus in 140. 

"It was better than expected. I really enjoyed it," she shared. "Thankfully, I wasn't alone."

Robbie Anderson, a senior, did not have the  return he expected. Anderson traveled from the United Kingdom to the United States, and once he arrived, decided to quarantine in 140.

"I had to show proof of my student visa at all three airports I travelled through due to the border being closed. There were also lots of checkpoints to check your temperature and ask questions about your health and where you’d traveled recently as you moved through the airport," he said.

Anderson knew his quarantine experience was not going to be nice, but that it was necessary.

"I was in an apartment on my own and was not allowed to leave the 140 grounds. I was able to talk to my friends and teammates from my window and had Netflix and YouTube to get me through the day. I was actually pleased when classes started because it broke up my day a bit and gave me something to do,” he said.

Since students in quarantine are unable to leave, the cafeteria would deliver food to those in 140 throughout the day, but sometimes it was not enough.

"The only issue is we did not get a great deal of food," Robbie shared. "If you did not like what was there, you’d have to order something from a take-out place to get delivered or go hungry."

Despite such challenges, the international students of Saint Peter’s University have been doing what they need to do, each in their own way, to meet all quarantine requirements and prepare for the semester ahead. 

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