If you thought celebrities outfits for the Met Gala were expensive then think again, you may have overlooked.

Surely we’ve all walked into Halloween stores, it’s too tempting not to take a peek and maybe try on some costumes for that upcoming party. But then -- you look at the price -- and suddenly it looks much better on the rack than on you.

The spirit of the so called “spooky season” is just not there, and maybe the overpriced Halloween costumes are to blame for.

The average price of an adult costume starts from nothing lower than $25 dollars and that’s if you’re buying a simple witch’s cloak or mask. All that money for something that could be easily made for half of the price.

Couple costumes such as Salt ‘n Pepper, or the King and Queen of Hearts land in the triple-digit ballpark of about $100 to $120, depending on how detailed the costume is with the accessories included and add-ons.

Imagine spending $100 dollars on a costume you’ll wear for one night; a couple of hours and then will store away in your closet for who knows how long because you won’t be caught dead in it for next year’s shindig.

How many hours of work did you just store in your closet? Eight, Maybe Nine-- a whole day possibly.

In reality if you were to go to Target or Walmart and buy all the supplies to make or design a mask or cloak it would total to about $10 to $12.

Now I know what you’re thinking:‘Buying the already-made mask or cloak is much easier,’ but if you make the mask or cloak yourself you’re able to keep the supplies like the paint, plastic mask, band to hold, brushes, fabric etc.

All of that fun stuff that you’ll most likely be able to use for other things, not making it a terrible investment.

Halloween, in more recent years has become-- if not the most-- interesting season then at least entertaining, according to beauty guru YouTubers and fashion bloggers.

Spontaneity over the years has rapidly diminished for a lot of college students, adults and even kids feel that Halloween is not what it used to be. People go for and wear the same thing, so where is the fun in that?

At this rate in a couple of years it’ll be “Clonoween” instead of “Halloween” -- scary huh.

Taking the situation of overpriced costumes into their own hands, people have found an innovative way to crack the system and avoid those sky-rocket prices along with cool, fashionable and one-of-a-kind looks.

The best thing about a do-it-yourself Halloween costume is, no clones!

That's right, there won’t be 15 Harley Quinn’s, but only 14 because this year you switched it up. Maybe you and a group of friends decide to recreate the 2018 version of the Spice Girls or NSYNC or even The Beatles.

Picture it--Posh Spice and Justin Timberlake make reappearances for Halloween in a vintage fashionable way and Paul McCartney is walking down Abbey Road, but in the middle of the Saint Peter’s University quad.

A sight for sore eyes during the spooky season.

Be creative with your costumes! Places like your nearest Goodwill, or in New York City thrift shops such as L train Vintage, The Urban Jungle have funky and fun pieces that you never know may just tie your whole costume together.

Don’t stress out about all the crazy prices. Especially us millennials, we have no excuse to be “basic.”

Ladies, let’s get rid of the cat ears and guys, what’s with the 2012 Michael Myers mask? We get it, “Boo.” It’s scary.

Making this Halloween season a little more unique may just be the extra push it needs to revive the spirit that once was.

Scroll vigorously through your Instagram feed, search #halloweencostume on Tumblr, download Pinterest and create a storyboard of ideas for your costume.

Recreate the Met Gala-themed dresses or make yourself a money suit like Kim Kardashian.

All is fair in hallows' eve.

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