After going from Nike to Adidas, Saint Peter’s strives to up its brand identity while assuring high quality that will help its athletes perform at a top level.

“My vision, while I am still two months in and trying to piece it together, without question, includes making sure our brand identity is strong and making sure that it represents, not only the university with pride, but this athletic program with pride,” said athletic director Bryan Felt.

On Nov. 6, Saint Peter’s Athletic Department announced their new multi-year partnership with Adidas. The partnership includes providing each Peacock player, from all 19 programs, with everything from official athletic apparel and footwear to equipment until the 2023-24 season.

“Previously we were with Nike,” Felt said. “But, essentially, we went through a third party to provide that apparel. This is a direct deal with Adidas.”

Adidas is a worldwide brand that has advertised their name through designs, developments and marketing. The company strives to create the best in high-performance products in order to help make athletes better, faster and stronger through classic lifestyles, according to the Adidas website.

The type and level of apparel that will be provided to Saint Peter’s student athletes will have a major impact on not only the athletes, but the entire student population as well, according to Felt.

Aside from Saint Peter’s, Adidas is also partnered with more than 100 collegiate programs such as Arizona State, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska, North Carolina State and Texas A&M. Among them, Louisville and Sacred Heart University have announced 10-year partnership extensions just this year.

“To be aligned with such a global partnership such as Adidas, only helps Saint Peter’s,” Felt said. “You see on social media and the folks that are attached to Adidas.”

Adidas also has marketing agreements with national associations such as the National Football League, (NFL), which includes players Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys, Von Miller of the Denver Broncos and Adrian Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals.

A few of Saint Peter’s athletic programs have already received some of the official athletic apparel for the season such as women’s basketball, men’s basketball, swimming and diving and track and field.

“The name across the front of the jerseys are a lot more important than the one in the back,” Felt said. “They represent something bigger.”

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