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Averaging 17.6 points a game, Statum (middle) never hesitates from chucking up a three. (Photo by Adrienne J. Romero)

Whistles are blowing, people are shouting and a shot-clock buzzer is ringing in your ear -- that’s just a typical night at intramurals.

Nearly 30 games and a handful of great and awful shots later, Saint Peter’s intramural basketball season has been in full effect where some of its stars have already shown themselves. As teams continue to rally for the top seed, here’s what the A league has brought so far.

Who’s Scoring

Each team has their own go-to shooter, so let’s go down the list.

For “The Bums,” it’s Keyshawn Preston or Arek Kaczkowski while “VENGEANCE” has Mike Winter or Davauhnte Turner. “Splash Gawds” got Harsh Patel, but the “99’s” have Jonathan Santana or Dejan Koroma. “Goon City” has Samba Lo or Patrick Vance, but the “UNDERDOGS” have Kelsey Nugent.

However, though all these players sink their shots behind the arc, it’s Raekwon Statum from “Back to Back” who currently sits at the top as scoring champion.

Averaging 17.6 points a game, Statum never hesitates from chucking up a three. He’ll attack the basket on every other possession, but if you give him the space, he’ll shoot it in your face and some talk will follow any made shot.

Whether Statum’s in Steph Curry mode or in a slow heat-up like J.R. Smith, you can bet he’s not afraid to station behind the three-point line.

Who’s Most Valuable

Just like each team has their go-to shooter, they also have their go-to person.

This could be Phillip Ravenell from “VENGEANCE” or Marco Figueroa from the “UNDERDOGS,” who have both taken control over their teams, but as for the player most valuable in the league, it’s Bernal Litus from the “Splash Gawds” who’s helped carried his team to the second seed.

The veteran league player dribbles with ease and can find an opening in just about any possession.

Sometimes he’ll dish it out to Chris Casseus for a tough layup or maybe swing it to Derlens Pierre for a jumper. But other times, he has no problem in creating space for himself for a quick two-pointer or an occasional three-ball; he averages 14.8 points, just shy of Statum.

Litus has the handles, shot IQ and court vision to help lead his team.

Who You Need To Look Out For

Known for their mercy-ruled games, “Back to Back” is spoiled with options on their team.

They have Rohan Afflick who can adjust in the deep paint or Mel Monroe who can speed his way into the lane and then dish it out to either Statum for a three-pointer or to Samuel Idowu for a nasty dunk.

Then, just to help out the team a little more, they got Tyler Martin who can be tough under the basket or Brandon Campbell who sticks to the side of the arc.

The team has a pretty solid rotation, which makes it tough for their opponents to keep up and is why they’re currently undefeated. Laziness sometimes gets the best of them, but once everyone gets a piece of the cake, it’s tough to slow them down.

What’s Next

As the games continue to wind down, it’ll be interesting to see if No. 2 “Splash Gawds” can nudge No. 1 “Back to Back.”

It’ll be a battle of the bigs between Anfernee Stephens and Idowu as Litus will have to see how he can work around “Back to Back’s” rotation.

A “99’s” and “The Bums” matchup will also be a game between key players Denzel Cooper, Marlon Yasin and Santana -- of the “99’s” -- and Preston, Kaczkowski and Deven Herbert -- of “The Bums.”

Games will resume on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Yanitelli Center.

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