The women’s bowling team (from left) Jasmine Hodges, Vicky Spirio, Jacquelyn Broadfoot, Amanda Santos, Lidia DeSapio, Gabrielle Morales and Nicolle Wetzel will begin its season on Oct. 12. Courtesy of Saint Peter’s University Athletics


Often overshadowed by other athletic programs at Saint Peter’s, the women’s bowling team is ready to begin their season and gain recognition for their efforts.

“We exist. We’re not a club team. We are athletes. There’s no time between matches. You’re throwing a 15 pound ball over 100 times a day without breaks,” said senior Lydia DeSapio.

Bowling, as described by the women, is often seen as a club or activity by those outside of the sport. The team is hoping to smash that mentality this year.

“[With] bowling, you can’t even see your lane conditions. People think bowling is just throwing a ball but it’s not. Our playing field is invisible,” said sophomore Gabrielle Morales.

Recognized by the NCAA for their academic progress and team improvement in Division I the team received an Academic Progress Rate (APR) award this July. The team is looking forward to beginning their season on Oct. 12.

“Last season, we were a very new team. I hope we will work harder and better this year than we did last year,” said junior Amanda Santos.

Camaraderie among the team is also a source of motivation for the women.

“I hope we come out to a strong start and put our best out on the lane. Learning to have fun on and off the lanes is how we bond the most. That’s what makes us a great team. We get along really well,” said DeSapio.

Alumna and former bowler, head coach Jenn Houseward has brought many changes to the team along with a new strategy for scheduling the players’ tournaments.

“Last season, we started off extremely strong. In the spring semester we had a lot of tournaments back to back and we started to die out. I made sure that wasn’t the case this year, so we can start strong and finish strong,” said Houseward.

With their season steadily approaching, the team has been doing extensive conditioning and preparation.

“I’m working on getting conditioning equipment. It helps them work on their swing,” Houseward said. “It’ll help them work out their revs and timing.”

The team invites the Saint Peter’s community to support the team this year.

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