The Saint Peter’s women's tennis team lost their last match of the season (0-7) yesterday at the Yanitelli Recreational Center as they fell to Monmouth University.

This was the Peacock's first home game which ended in defeat after a long 3-hour match. Despite their best efforts, the Peacocks were unable to claim victory losing 3 double sets and 6 singles sets. The Peacock’s head coach, Michael Scolamiere was disappointed because they had lost the day before to Lafayette College.

“I've seen a little bit of improvement but not a lot. In all honesty, it’s just not enough to bring us up to a higher position,” said Scolamiere.

The Peacocks shrugged throughout the match with unforced errors, hitting several balls out of the court and not moving fast enough to keep up with the Shadows.

The first doubles set finished with a score of 0-6. The second doubles set followed with a score of 2-6. Finally, the third doubles set came to an end with a score of 3-6 as Monmouth sweeped all three doubles teams. After a rough start, the Peacocks hoped to do better in the singles matches.

Unfortunately, the Shadows claimed victory during the single sets as well, leaving the Peacocks with zero wins this season. Junior, Aidah Muhammad won the most games during her single set with a score 3-6 and 1-6.

“I think this was the best I played this season. I just think we need to focus on the big points,” said Muhammad.

Despite a harsh defeat, sophomore Azuri Hughes sees improvement in her individual skills and her teammates as well. Her final score was 2-6 in her doubles match with Junior Stephanie Falcon and 1-6 in both sets of her singles match.

“I think I have improved. Playing in college is more intense, especially amongst teammates so that they can improve as well… more intense drills, more cardio, and more footwork drills might help us improve,” said Hughes.

Coach Scolamiere said that some of the players have improved but feels he has to make huge changes with the team. He explained how some of the players have resisted learning and feels that they have not been willing to go two steps back before they go forward.

Monmouth College has also struggled this season with a total of thirteen losses and 7 wins including their recent victory against Saint Peter’s.

The Saint Peter’s women's tennis team will be preparing for their spring season in hopes of finally claiming victory and breaking their ongoing losing streak.

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